DTG printing or Direct to Garment Printing is the method of printing when you print directly onto the material of the garment as opposed to using a vinyl/transfer and then using a heat press to transfer the vinyl onto the garment which can feel heavy and sometimes lead to cracking or peeling.

DTG Printing allows the garment to feel nicer and the print itself to last longer as the print itself becomes part of the garment. We use state of the art machinery from Kornit which enables us to print with a huge colour gamut; bigger than has ever been available before, thanks to the revolutionary new CMYK + RG (in more simple terms they have added 2 new colours Red & Green in addition to the usual printing colours of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White)


There are no unsightly marks from any pre-treatment, no scolding marks from heat presses, the t-shirt feels smooth and soft like the day it was made. Customer's appreciate the look and feel of the shirts as well as the massive increase in wash-ability; the print will outlast the garment!

You can see that our equipment speaks for itself. As for us; we've been printing garments for over 7 years and know the ropes. We know what works to print using DTG and what doesn't, and how to get the best results out of your artwork and our equipment.

There are no unsightly marks from any pre-treatment, no scolding marks from heat presses

With a capacity to print thousands of garments per day we're confident that we can help meet your deadlines, assist with overflow printing or complete a job you may not be able to fulfill. From printing a sample you need for a customer up to contract volume printing which you don't have the capacity or time for; we'll be able to work with you to meet your needs.

You can be confident that our fully trained teams will be able to print your garments to the standards that not only would you expect but better!